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How do i register for the wiki?


(1) Visit a page of the wiki, e.g. On the right hand side you can switch the language of the wiki.

Switch Lang

(2) Right beneath the header you find the buton "Log In". Click on it and select "Register".

AA Registrierung


(3) Read through our Guidelines. Fill in the fields for registration and type the distorted code. Confirm everything with a click on "Register". By registering, you agree to be bound by the terms of the guidelines.


B Registrierung


(4) You will find a confirmation mail with a link in your mailbox (it might take some minutes). Open the link, it will take you to the writing platform already registered. From now on you can log in and out with your username and password under the option "Log In".


(5) As a registered user you can comment on all texts and measures. You also can read and post in the forums. To write a measure, please contact the moderator of the respective section. Here you can find a list of the mail addresses of the moderators

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