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The writing platform also includes a forum. Each section of the climate plan from below has its own forum. You can find them here: >Foren<.

So that we can work well together on the measures and the climate plan from below, we ask everyone to adhere to the principles for the climate plan. You can find them on the welcome page of the writing platform and on our homepage. 

Also otherwise, but especially in the discussions in the forum applies:

  • please treat each other with respect and pay attention to a friendly tone of voice.
  • Please make sure that you continue to have a constructive discussion even in case of criticism. If this is not (no longer) possible, please contact the moderation of the sections.
  • We must ask you to refrain from contributions that deal with behaviour, activities and actions that are punishable under German law.
  • You can find the contacts to the moderation here: e-mail addresses


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