Dogs can be transported free of charge

What's the problem?

Five million dogs live in Germany; the current policy of the German Railway and many other public transport companies make it difficult for the caregivers to do without a car. Since a dog (which is larger than a house cat) has to pay half of the normal fare, it costs as much as the price for an adult person with a Bahncard 50.  A dog traveling by train pays as much as n  individually traveling child between 6-14 years, but without the exceptions that children traveling with humans, or people with disabilities, etc. have. These facts make rail travel unaffordable for many human-dog relations. And this, although it is not allowed to make reservations for dogs, which to the fullest extent becomes a problem for large dogs, for which the Deutsche Bahn does not declare itself responsible. In addition, there are massive handicaps in everyday travel; for example, tickets for dogs are not made available online or as mobile phone tickets, etc.

What's the measure?

Free transportation of dogs as well as a cancellation of the special treatment of dogs, as long as they do not serve the safety of fellow travelers.

How will this help to counteract climate change?

For millions of people there is one often decisive reason less to drive a car instead of a train.

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