Edit a Measure

How do I edit a Measure?


(1) Open the page of a measure and scroll to the bottom. If you have sufficent permissions you will find a button 'Edit'. If you just registered and don't have permission to edit pages, contact the moderators of the section of the climate plan you would like to contribute to.

(2) After you clicked 'Edit', you will see an editor window. Maßnahme Schreiben2  

(3) With a click on the pencil symbol you can switch between the two editor types. (WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get /OpenOffice-Style and wiki source code) Stift2  

(4) The editor does not have as many functions as a usual Open/LibreOffice document. However, much can be achieved with the toolbox at the top of the editor. If you plan on working with tiki(our wiki software) more frequently, using the wiki source code editor along with the wiki syntax is highly recommended.

(5) If there are complications when importing documents or inserting text, you are welcome to contact Rebe. Preferably directly in a mail with the document in question, a short description of the problem and to which section the measure belongs: orchatteri(at)




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