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My name is and I´m contacting you in the name of the campaign “just1point5” (gerechte1komma5).

We consist of different people from various backgrounds united by the aim to work towards a climate action plan from the bottom. We are convinced that solutions to mitigate the climate crises and preserve the living basis on this planet can already be found in society´s collective knowledge.

Since the government is failing to implement measures appropriate to the severity of the environmental situation, our campaign gathers different mitigation measures which are feasible as well as socially and globally just.

And this it why we turn to you: The climate action plan comprises six thematic fields, for each of which we are looking for organisations, groups, individuals, networks,... in general for people with good ideas and proposals for solutions who would like to contribute to this project by formulation one or more measures.

I can attach you an additional document that introduces the campaign, its aims, principles and structures a bit further, although it´s written in German, but there is also an english section on our website.

Together with other people I am moderating the topics …., a field in which we think there might be a lot of expertise among your organisation. We would be delighted if you felt like contributing and sharing your knowledge!

Three additional remarks: (ggf Kürzen /Weglassen)

We are well aware that the climate crisis isn´t the only urgent problem of our time and that focussing on it exclusively carries the risk of loosing sight of other planetary boundaries and other challenges. However we think that a lot of the measures collected here, which effectively address the climate crisis, will also affect other problematic areas in a positive way. These positive reinforcements should also be considered when phrasing the measures (see below). Furthermore the issue of the climate crisis is quite visible in the public discourse of the time and we have to start somewhere with implementing realistic proposals for a future and move away from greenwashing proposals.

Secondly: We are reaching out to you for a contribution in the field of Bereich einfügen, but it is very well possible that you or other people within your network would like to contribute ideas, knowledge and proposals to other fields (like just mobility, energy transition, just spatial planing, just production, consumption and reduction or global justice issues). If this is the case, which would be wonderful, just contact me and I´ll connect you with the moderation team of the concerned topic.

Lastly, for the time being we set up the plan for Germany although we explicitly acknowledge the interconnectedness and global relations and considerations thereof, that measures have to take into account. Moreover we wish for the plan to be taken as a role model in other countries as well. So if you formulate measures they should be valuable for Germany (of course they might apply to different countries anyway). We are trying to publish the climate plan in both english and german, so your measures can be delivered in both languages and would be translated accordingly.

So… now some more information regarding structure and the intended process so you could get started right away:

The overall question for a proposed measure is: How can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions as fast as possible in a globally and socially just manner?

The measures could or should preferably be structured like this:

- What is the measure (brief description)?

- How does it reduce GHG emissions (possibly how much)?

- How can it be implemented? What do we have to consider regarding the implementation?

- How about additional positive effects (positive reinforcements and effects on other areas (biodiversity,…)?

- How long does it take for the reducing effects to become visible?

- References (studies, pilot projects,…)

Ideally all this can fit on one sheet of paper (A4) although references can be granted some extra space in the appendix.
We organise the writing process with an online tool where you can have a look on measures written by someone else, comment on them or add aspects or incorporate comments to your own proposals. The aim is to collect measures until the end of this year. Afterwards the plan will be checked with regard to issues of global justice and by the “scientists for future” regarding its feasibility before it will be phrased in a language accessible for all.

As an online tool we use a wiki, where the measures can be collected and discussions can take place. This is the link to get there:

In the upper left corner (select Log in) you can register with an email address and your selected password and also indicate in which area you would like to contribute (e.g. euren Bereich einfügen). There are also some information on the campaign, how to use te wiki and some useful links to be found there.

You don´t necessarily have to use our wiki. It´s also possible to write your measure (ideally sticking to the questions above) in a word/pdf/ods/… document and send it to us. Then we would add it to the wiki.

In case you have any questions- regarding technical issues, the process or something else- don´t hesitate to contact us!We would be really happy if you would like to contribute to our project!
We are looking forward to responses from your side!

Best regards,….

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