Welcome to the grassroots climate action plan!!

This is the platform for all those who want to take part in the process of writing the grassroots climate action plan.
Here you can suggest, edit and comment on measures. We didnt dive too deepl into the the art of translation, but we hope that the texts are reasonably understandable.

You are warmly invited to contribute!
If you would like to comment on existing texts, please register in advance (this prevents automated comments). If you would like to suggest ideas or contribute to texts, please contact the moderators of the respective section of the climate action plan. On this page you will find the email addresses of the moderators of the sections of the grassroots climate action plan:

These are the different sections of the climate action plan:

> Just Reproduction, Production and Consumption
> Energy Democracy
> Just Mobility
> Just Dwelling and Area planning
> Just Agriculture, Alimentation Sovereignty and Forest Use
> Global Justice and Intersectionality


For the cooperation on the grassroots climate action plan in this Wiki it is important to us that the guidelines are followed.
For the contents of the grassroots climate action plan, there is a collection of principles that the proposed measures must comply with:

  • Global warming has to be kept below 1,5°C
  • We will incorporate social and global justice, in terms of finding a just way of dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change.
  • There will not be any room for make-believe solutions or greenwashing.
  • The perspectives of people who are exceedingly affected have to be of great importance.
  • We are organized in emancipatory and in solidarity. We aim to reflect and reduce hierarchies, to conquer discrimination and to be empathic, fault-tolerant and willing to learn.
  • We work transparently
  • We do not want political parties to have a voice or be involved with any party

You can also read this (and much more) on our homepage.
The process of writing the climate action plan is divided into different stages. On our webpage you can find an overview of them. Sorry for the german illustrations, but hey, they still look nice :-)

We have a How To ...-Section in our wiki where you can find some useful tips on how to deal with this platform. Unfortunately most of it is in german, but we are working on translating it.
A list of the most important HowTo-pages:

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