Preface to the First Edition

Interim result and invitation to continue writing

The present first edition of the grassroots climate plan was published on the 3rd of March 2020 by the campaign just1point5 ("gerechte1komma5"). All the measures published here were compiled by numerous authors* on an open digital writing platform ("Wiki") and in writing workshops. This edition merely represents a work status of the project. The catalogue of measures contains measures that have already been discussed and worked on in detail as well as points that still need a lot of attention.

The presentation of the current project status with its numerous gaps in content is a call to participate in the further development of the climate plan. The wiki as a basis for the open, collaborative writing process will continue to exist. We expressly invite you to use this platform to discuss and comment on the measures already in place and to add new ideas and measures. The grassroots climate plan lives from the participation of people in the writing platform, from the exchange taking place there and from the introduction of new measures. It is also planned to publish further editions of the climate plan.

The core idea of the campaign is to collect measures in a collective, grassroots democratic writing process that lead to more climate justice and - as a necessary prerequisite for this - to compliance with the 1.5 degree target. The texts of measures concentrate on ideas that can be implemented within the Federal Republic of Germany (but not primarily by the Federal Government). In addition to this publications' aspect of content, it is also a concern of the edition, to make transparent both the procedure and motivation behind the climate plan and the problems the campaign has encountered in its development to date. The epilogue of this edition therefore contains a reflection on the development process of the grassroots climate plan.
Before publication, the campaign aims to check the effectiveness of all proposals on the basis of scientific aspects. Furthermore, it is an important concern to include especially the perspective of severely affected people with regard to (global) justice. In order to create as few barriers to understanding as possible, a simple language is chosen - as far as this is feasible without shortening the content.


During the work for he first edition, the measures collected in the grassroots climate plan, the writing process and every cooperation was based on the following principles:

  • Global warming must be kept below 1.5°C.
  • We want and need to consider social and global justice. This means finding a just way of dealing with the causes and consequences of climate change.
  • There is no stage for fictitious solutions and greenwashing.
  • Perspectives of those particularly affected are of particular importance.
  • We organize ourselves emancipatively and in solidarity. We want to reflect on and dismantle hierarchies, overcome discrimination and at the same time be empathetic, fault-tolerant and willing to learn.
  • We work transparently.
  • We do not want to be absorbed by political parties and we do not want to offer them a stage.

Marking of measures

Since the first edition is intended to reflect a state of work, all text contributions are published regardless of their state of work. There are several markings for better clarity:

  • Headings written in gray indicate drafts that have not yet been completed, possibly only suggestions for headings of measures. These have not undergone any editorial revision.
  • Headings written in black indicate measures that appeared to be complete enough in terms of content to allow them to be fine-tuned. This means that at least mistakes in spelling and sentence structure have been corrected and an attempt has been made to make the wording as non-discriminatory as possible.

Further markings are intended to highlight other deficits, such as missing translations or missing (scientific) reviews.

Stand der Übersetzung

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