Template for Measures

This should be understood as a suggestion as to which sections a measure text can consist of. It is unlikely that it would make sense to process all headings for an individual measure. Anything that is not required for a particular measure should then simply be deleted for the sake of clarity. For information on how the template is copied into a task text, see Create a new Measure (Punkt 5).

What is the Problem?

A brief description of the problem. If the problem is obvious (e.g. CO2 emissions from coal-fired power generation), this section should be omitted. The harmfulness to the climate, e.g. of the drainage of moors might need some explanation.

What is the Measure?

''What can be done about it? So how our (physical) environment is affected by the measure to counteract the problem. The exact implementation - in, against or despite the current economic and social system - can then be dealt with in the next section.
What is meant by this is that the phase-out of coal-fired power generation, for example, is a concrete measure, but its implementation could, depending on the scope and maxim of action, consist on the one hand in blocking lignite infrastructure and on the other hand in a state programme for the social security of those currently employed in the coal industry. Therefore, if possible, both should be considered separately.''

What can the implementation look like?

Concrete proposals for implementation. These could, if necessary, deal separately with the individual, local (, national, global, etc.) level and aim at different ways of implementation. What could be done through reform or legislation, what can be achieved through social or individual initiative?

How does this counteract climate change?

Information on the impact of the measure, e.g. how much CO2-equivalents can be saved, but also other impacts (e.g. on biodiversity or pollution)

What other effects does the measure have?

Many measures not only counteract the climate crisis, but also help, for example, against social problems or the extinction of species. At the same time, other (possibly negative) side effects should also be taken into account.

How quickly can the measure be implemented?

It may not be possible to implement all measures immediately.

How long does it take for the measure to take effect?

The measure may not have an immediate effect even if implemented immediately.

References to other measures

This could include comments on possible conflicts with other measures, but also other references, e.g. when measures are interdependent in order to be effective (e.g. because otherwise displacement effects would occur).

Problems of social, global or generational justice

Comments on the various problems of justice.

Further literature, sources

More extensive literature, which cannot be reproduced here in full, but which may have served as a basis for the measure, or which is otherwise of interest. How literature references are inserted in the measure is described here: Literature Sources

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